Interstate Batteries


We stock and install common size Interstate Automotive Batteries.

Currently in Stock Bateries

  • 24F
  • 34
  • 36R
  • 51R
  • 65
  • 75
  • 78
  • 31T
  • 31P

These sizes of Interstate Batteries fit 90% of the vehicles on the road today.

Shaws Auto Service - Interstate Batteries
Shaws Auto Service - Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries started a new Warranty Program on May 1, 2012 - Please click on the Batteries to seek additional information and/or to check battery size for your vehicle.

Interstate Batteries have a new warranty program that goes into effect for all Interstate Batteries sold after May 1, 2012. Please feel free to contact us for information reguarding these changes.

Mail to:  tow AT

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